Saturday, October 24

Everything single thing is just making me go insane. It still hurts deep down inside, my heart fucking aches whenever ur fucking name appears. Why can't you be named WALDO or something, so at least i don't get reminded of you that easily. UGH FUCK YOU REALLY. 🖕🏻

Wednesday, June 4

Im feeling... I dont know. Everything just gone. Like that. Dont even need a week, a few days... Im broken. Super broken. Idk who can mend it or how should i recover. Time is definately not gonna help... Why... Why me? Why... )': im dying for you. I love u. I cant stop. ): 

Thursday, February 27

Good job, another part of me died. Lets continue. Till its really gone. 

Sunday, February 16

Im no longer the person u yearn for. Im no longer the girl you call baby. Im no longer someone u look at. Im no longer the girl u want to protect. Now im jz someone that is forgotten, someone that is extra. Now u dont even bother if ur words hurt me. )': im just another girl that u need to get over that lonely period. Sigh.

Saturday, February 8

I envy my sec sch friend. She's like so happy now with her husband. ): and i envy all the other girls, having romantic bf that surprises them once in awhile. I used to have a v romantic bf, but idk where did he go. )': sigh. I feel so sad. My heart is close to.. 

Thursday, February 6

Depressed to a state where i really feel like jz 🔪
Sigh, i cant stop my tears whenever i see couples on the streets and whenever i see our pictures. Why so sudden? Why..... 
I miss you baby.. And i love you alot. )': please dont leave me.

Tuesday, February 4

That over time is jz this january. Bad start no wonder bad year. Sigh. How now... )': i cant sleep. I feel distracted
I know that attitude. Its the attitude of not gonna care anymore... I know cuz i had that before. Yes karma, i got it. I know. All at once. But how i really dont wanna let go... Idk what to do.... I really cant take it. 
Its not the same anymore.. Why. ): im depressed. How can someone just stop loving another just like that. Who can teach me that? Im really v heartbroken. Idk what to do. Im lost.